BloomyLoom Choco-Grass UHU Review

BloomyLoom Choco-Grass UHU/Owls is a 100% combed cotton wrap woven in Budapest, Hungary.  I was luckily enough to have the size 5 wrap stay with us for a week while it was travelling throughout the United States.  BloomyLoom is a small design office focused on textiles that was started by two mom’s who are babywearers themselves.  They launched in February 2014.

I love owls, so right off the bat I loved this wrap.  All BloomyLoom wraps have modern designs that really catch the eye.  I get a cool 70’s vibe from this design and I dig it.  Don’t even get me started on the choco-grass swirls- a far out, trippy, psychedelic design that speaks to me.

The wrap had been travelling since July, so when my fluff mail arrived at the end of January, it was nice and soft.  Not quite kitten belly soft, but soft.  It was super light weight and airy, making it ideal for the heat of the Old Pubelo desert of Tucson.  It’s definitely a “beat the heat” wrap.  The wrap was smooth without being slippery and it worked well in a knotless finish.  It was not diggy at all and my 14 pound daughter was weightless.

They way BloomyLoom hems their rails, allows the wrap to have no right or wrong side.  The colors allow for an earthy feel that just exudes fun.  They also have the cutest logo sporting a babywearing daddy with a mustachio.

1506074_244399222394740_957378705_n  Don’t babywearing dads just melt you?

BloomyLoom also makes matching bags and slingbelts.  I truly hope to get my hands on one as they are awesome!  And what mama doesn’t want to match her wrap with coordinating accessories.

They stock on etsy and you can follow them on facebook.  Thank you BloomyLoom!

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