My First Tester- Poe Wovens Harlequin Platine Wrap

216 I follow Poe Wovens on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  So, when Nancy Sunderland let me test out the Harlequin Platine Wrap size 5 I was excited to say the least.  My first tester!  This wrap is 100 percent cotton and is quite thick at 285 mg/qm.  It is a dense weave making it less susceptible  to pulls.  Pulls are my enemy.  Aren’t they every wrapper’s enemy?  This wrap is a cool platinum color and it is a great natty wrap featuring a bold geometric design.  When my husband saw it, he called it my “dressy wrap, classy enough for any formal occasion”.

This wrap has some serious stretch.  Yes, the Harlequin Platine would fall under the Ace Bandage description.  It was definitely supportive and worked well in a knotless finish.  However, I found I really needed to focus on my passes and tightening the rails, or my wrap job appeared unkempt.

The wrap came in an embroidered hemp totebag, which you can purchase on  I love using the tote as my library bag.  After a nice wash, the wrap was noticeably softer.

Unlike many wraps that are made overseas, Poe is woven in North Carolina and finished by a seamstress in Vermont, where Sunderland lives with her husband on their family dairy farm.  It’s all American.  Though, they draw inspiration from the fashion forward streets of Paris.

Poe wants to make their wraps obtainable.  They frequently have sales, giveaways, and deals through Zulily.  They currently have a giveaway for a woven wrap scrap scarf on their blog:

In 2014, Poe launched a touching series called Babywearing Made Beautiful.  I was lucky to have been featured :




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