Who is wovenwrapfan- an introduction.

My name is Christy and I am married to an amazing man who dedicates his life to raising our beautiful baby girl, Stella.  She was born in April 2014 in Tucson, Arizona.  Before she was even born I knew I wanted to wear her.  I first purchased a sugar skull Tula from a local independent retailer- shop local! 519

Next up was a Girasol wrap from PAXbaby.com that I had converted into a ring sling by Sleeping Baby Productions, who is one of the best converters out there.  077

I even attended my first Tucson Babywearing International meeting while pregnant.  Let the addiction begin.

We started out wearing a eggplant colored Baby K’tan. Baby K'Tan That is until I went to our first BWI  Lending Library meeting.  That is where I got my first taste of wovenwraps.  I checked out a size 6 Natibaby Paissi Candy.  A stunning jacquard woven in in pink and blue.  It was 60% cotton and 40% tussah silk and 100% LOVE.121

Then in July I headed to the BWI conference in Tempe.  On the car ride home, I ordered my first woven wrap in the back seat of the car from my cell phone (a Lenny Lamb Mint Lace, size 7). 393 And a sweet mama was holding a Lenny Lamb Day of the Dead wrap, size 6, on the swaps.158

So, that is how we got our start!  How did you get yours?


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