Heads up! Firespiral is taking pre-orders for Obsidian Frost Starmap Scarfs until 2/11/15!

I am an enormous Firespiral fanatic.  I own their Sunset Cyano Seafoam, which happened to stock today if you are in the market.  It is the softest wrap I own.  It also literally glows like the sun with it’s iridescent colors.

In order to participate, you must go to Firespiral’s Facebook Page and complete the following.

*** Obsidian Frost Starmap scarf PRE-ORDER LIST***
Please read carefully to save confusion!
To be entered in the pre-order
1st: please comment on this thread stating “scarf”. No chat please to keep things nice and simple. This will be the list that we use to order the weft so we don’t want to miscalculate! PLEASE NOTE THIS PREORDER IS FOR SCARVES ONLY. These scarves are 100% cotton.

2nd: please email us at contact@firespiralslings.co.uk and title your email OBSIDIAN SCARF This will be how we contact you once we are ready. There is no upfront deposit to pay and no obligation to complete the order at this stage.

We will keep this pre-order open until Wednesday 11th Feb 8am.


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