Joy and Joe Baby Shiver Me Paisley Midnight Rainbow Review


Once I had my sights on obtaining a woven wrap, I navigated through the swaps trying to figure out what wrap I wanted and Shiver Me Paisley caught my eye. (Remember the day when you thought you only needed one wrap and didn’t understand people with big stashes…  that was short lived!)  I adore sugar skulls and they are a big part of the culture in Tucson.  I knew I had to get my hands on one.

My first Joy and Joe wrap was the Aurantico, size 7, that I secured through a preorder.  I literally had my alarm clock set the morning of August 8, 2014, so I would not miss out.    The Aurantico is 100 % Egyptian cotton single jacquard sateen weave and weighs 250 gsm.  It’s a magical color changing wrap that  shifts from orange to saffron and royal blue to majestic purple and even indigo in different lighting.  Aurantico’s design features additional  lace details around the crossbones compared to other SMPs.  It also has a heart middle marker-cute!

Right Side:

094 095

Wrong Side:

096 097

My next Joy and Joe was the SMP Rainbow, size 6, that I won the right to purchase through a draw.  It is a part of their limited edition collection and only 4 were made.  I won the wrap lottery. The Rainbow is 100 % Egyptian cotton featuring the original SMP double weave with a sesame white warp and a green, navy, red, brown and royal blue weft.  It weighs 295 gsm and has a lower thread count than the original SMP double weave making it floppy and very squish worthy and easy to break in.  It has the new ‘J and J’ middle marker that the SMP Midnight Rainbow has.  It has a totally different texture than Aurantico and SMP Midnight Rainbow.  I also appreciate the few extra inches this 6 has.

Right Side:

089 101

Wrong Side:


On to SMP Midnight Rainbow!

The moment I saw this wrap on social media, my eyes popped out of my head and my heart skipped a beat.  It was instant love.  The colors just pop.  When they announced the Tester contest on Instagram , I started campaigning for myself like my life depended on it.  I am on wrap restriction, so this would be my only chance to get my hands on this beauty.  I stalked social media awaiting the announcement of the testers and when I was chosen I was filled with JOY.

The day it arrived I was waiting at the mailbox to greet my postal worker.  That is how excited I was.  As I unboxed the SMP Midnight Rainbow I turned to my Instagram (wovenwrapfan)  to  document the opening.  As I pulled the wrap out of the adorable tote bag, I was in awe of exactly how vibrant the colors were.  The colors are so bright that you almost expect it to illuminate.  It has a stunning ombre effect.  The strie rainbow has almost a handwoven appearance with it’s subtle striping.   This wrap screams fun!


I was less thrilled with the “wrong side” as it is very dark in color- mostly black with some of the red, green, blue, yellow and pinks coming through.  However, I was surprised at how the wrong side photographed outdoors in natural light.  The SMP design became more apparent that I thought in the pictures.  While the right side screams fun, the wrong side is more subdued, so that might actually be a benefit, if you want to appear more dressy.  Either side you wear this wrap, I think it would look good with anything and definitely make a fashion statement and conversational piece.


Speaking of, I could not get the wrap on fast enough.  I had to show it off and I set to the sidewalk of my subdivision.   I felt like a beautiful peacock fanning my feathers despite the fact I was actually donning my Hello Kitty PJ pants.  I actually call this “peacocking” a wrap. Then a wrap miracle happened.  A man, stopped his minivan and asked me where I got my baby carrier, as he thought his wife would like one.  This wrap compliment made me light as a feather and lifted me to cloud nine.  I could have flown home I was so giddy.

Speaking of light- this wrap is super lightweight.  It is 100% Egyptian Cotton woven with a double sateen weave and weighs 250 gsm. It felt lighter in hand than my other two SMPs, making it very portable.  Also, when I held it up to the light, the sun could shine through, unlike the other wraps.  This makes the wrap very airy- perfect for warm weather. Despite it’s light and airy feel,  my 15 pound miracle was weightless in a FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry) and SCC (Short Cross Carry) with rings.  Yes, it worked perfect in a knotless finish.

It was also the softest of them all, which is perfect for cuddling.  Within 5 to 10 minutes my little one was in wrap nap heaven, it comes with powerful sleepydust.  It also made a great blanket.

The passes glide with ease and there is enough texture that they stay put.  The wrap did not feel diggy at all, even after wearing her for hours.  Not only did I strut around my house and subdivision- we hit downtown for a photoshoot and even a food and wine festival.  I had to share this eye candy, it would be a sin to keep it all to myself.

Out of all my SMP’s this was the most narrow at 25 inches.    At 180 inches, it is shorter than my SMP Rainbow. That is due to the fact that the Midnight Rainbow is steam finished and ready to wear, where the Rainbow came with a few extra inches to accommodate for washing.

Width Comparison:

102 103

SMP was designed by Mr. Lee Bernie, the Babywearing Dad and was woven by NorthWest England.  On February 22,, 2015, the PREORDER for the SMP Midnight Rainbow woven wrap opens.  I am envious of anyone that can participate.

As I send this tester off to the next family, I feel my heart breaking as it will be deeply missed.

Bravo and a tremendous thank you to Joy and Joe  for allowing me the gift of testing your wrap, which is a work of art worthy of a museum.  I wish you all Joy!

Keep your eyes peeled to their Facebook for an upcoming Valentines Giveaway.  They aslo have a chatter page that is great for giveaways, wrap talk, and swaps.


Check out the wrong side:




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