Natibaby may reweave Oxytocin!

A few weeks ago I contacted Natibaby inquiring about a reweave for oxytocin. They wrote me back asking to poll interest on the Natibaby Love Facebook group. To date 60 mamas liked the post and 252 have commented! A kind mama even made us some mock ups. Hopefully, we will hear back. I would also love to work with a retailer and have reached out to a few.
Do you have a favorite mock up or your own color way? Would you like an oxytocin? Comment and let me know!







Help spread the word by sharing this post! Let’s make this happen.



  1. Amanda Pitts · April 19, 2016

    I know this is a while after you posted, but I am holding out for a reweave of Oxytocin! My husband is a chemical engineer and this wrap is beyond perfect for him. I’m sooooo hoping to get one for him! Oh, and as for color? Pretty much any of them. They’re all gorgeous. Yellows don’t do well with our skin tone, so literally any color but those.


    • wovenwrapfan · June 7, 2016

      They did a second reweave! I know of one locally if ur still looking!!


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