Review- Baby Sabye Handwoven Foamy Sea

Again, thank you to Manic Pixie Dream Mama for allowing me to test.

Baby Sabye is woven in Bangkok Thailand and is sold on Etsy.  Foamy Seafoam is  70% cotton (without mercerization),  30% linen and dyed with natural vegetable colors.  The cotton and the vegetables used are 100% organic with no chemical fertilizers used.   If you are curious about the dying process they have a whole Facebook album!

They are often asked about their dying process and this is what they had to say, “We use only traditional recipes which have been handed down from generation to generation for dyeing sling fabrics. Be it cotton, silk, wool, or linen all our dye recipes are 100% natural; derived from natural sources: bark, fruits, leaves of the plants, clay, lime, and coal. They never contain industrial chemicals”

First they soak the plants and press them for over 24 hours.  Then they whisk.  In the final stage the dyers add sugar, tamarind acid and water which has been percolated through coals. These components prevent the dye from washing out and help keep the color bright and vibrant.
10940994_905537196165892_550833921222768376_n (Picture taken from Baby Sabye- features the whisking process)

It was not near as soft as Sky Reflection.  It actually was a tad itchy as it was breaking in.  But it made up for it in being more breathable than a 100% cotton handwoven.  It worked great in a knotless/ring less finish and it was incredibly supportive.

This is another fine example of a budget handwoven.  A shorty will run $140.80 and a 7 will cost you only $238.80.  No wrap is exactly the same either!



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