Review- Baby Sabye Newborn Pink Handwoven


I have never met a handwoven or a machine woven like this before!  This is wrap was the lightest wrap I have ever felt.  It was so thin and airy.  Yet, it supported my 1 year old and made her feel weightless in a FWCC.  Since it is so thin, the passes just glide and stay in place creating a extremely supportive carry.  This is the perfect wrap for a warm, hot climate since it is so lightweight.   Plus, it ran long. (insert extreme happiness)  It was a size six and I managed to double knot my fwcc  (my favorite carry) which I normally require a 7.  It also was secure in a single knot finish.

Like all Baby Sabye wraps they are made in Bangkok, Thailand, and sold on Etsy with a very low price point for a handwoven. They only use organic cotton and all natural vegetable dyes.

Just beware of it’s dainty faint color.  It is a magnet for parking lot dust.  Good news though, it washed like a dream!  I should know as it had two baths.  The colors did not fade or bleed and there was no shrinkage.

As summer is approaching, I recommend everyone to get this to beat the heat while keeping your little ones close.

IMG_1234Don’t they have the cutest middle marker?



Thank you Manic Pixie Dream Mama for allowing me to test!


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