Review- Baby Sabye Sky Reflection

Thanks to Manic Pixie Dram Mama I got the chance to test three handwovens from Baby Sabye.

First up, is Sky Reflection.  It is a 100 % cotton wrap which uses 50% handspun cotton.  It features a Kang Prao weave which is also know as fir-tree.  This wrap is incredibly soft.  Yes, Firespiral soft.  And it was love.  I wish it was here right now to cuddle me as I type.

I know you are asking, but is it supportive?  Yes!

Did it dig?  No!  They are proud of their diagonal stretch that eliminates dig and aides in moldable carries.

Did it work in a knotless ring finish? Yes!

It was a smidge of the warm side, but I do live in the desert.  They use 100 % safe all natural organic vegetable dyes free of chemical processing.

The price point of the handwovens are unheard of.  On Etsy a shorty runs only $128 and comes to you from Bangkok, Thailand.  I would love to add this to my stash.

Totally stash worthy.  If you are curious about handwovens but the cost is holding you back- this is the wrap for you!!!




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