Review- Centered Handmade’s Precious

   A girl in my local BWI had a visit from Centered Handmade’s The Boy and I fell head over heels in love.  I immediately ran home and wrote to Rachael to express my undying love for her work.  And to my shock she offered to send Precious my way!  Talk about stalking the mailman.

Rachel has an eye for color and this wrap is pure indulgent eye candy.  Shades of blue, navy, gray, pink, and purple woven together with a stunning gold overshot middle marker and tail accents. I never, ever, wanted her (yes, her) to leave.  She was pretty, supportive and soft making her the complete package.  This handwoven is the real deal complete with beautifully unhemmed raw selvedges.

Centered Handmade’s signature mark is called an overshot.  An overshot is a supplementary weft pattern weave.  I wish more weavers offered overshots, as they offer a nice artistic flair for a plain weave or twill.

I feel incredibly blessed to have hosted Precious.  I would have loved for her to live here and I pray I score a custom slot one of these days.  If you want you are ISO Centered Handmade, join the Facebook group Desperately Seeking Centered (clever name, right?!)

Now brace yourself for mega spam (pics taken at the Sagauro National Park)

333 334 336 337 340 341 343 346 349 338Thank you soooo much Rachel!


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