Review- Poe Wovens Spangled Glory!!!!

If you follow Poe Wovens on Facebook they launched  a draw to test Spangled and I was lucky enough to be chosen.  I also happen to be a brand ambassador.   However, I feel a responsibility to provide accurate and honest reviews.

All I can say is this is a whole new Poe!  Holy softness!  Seriously.  Soft.  Softness for days.  Dare I say kitten belly?  I just might.  This wrap is a whole different animal than the  harlequin platine I tested.  With the harlequin I found it hard to mold and my wrap jobs appeared unkempt.  I think it was thicker than what I was used to.  Spangled on the other hand was super moldable while maintaining it’s supportiveness.  But, I have to say it again…  I can’t get over how soft this is.

Spangled has a cotton warp and Tencel® weft, 255 g/m2.  This was my first experience with Tencel®.  If that is what is making this wrap so soft then I am it’s #1 fan.

Nancy, the owner of Poe Wovens is a veteran, so this design is extremely special to her.   This was a design she has always wanted to weave since the launch of Poe Wovens and was avilable through April 2, 201,5 as a preorder.  If you are patriotic this is the wrap for you.  It would make the ideal 4th of July accessory.  If you don’t want to rock the red, white and blue fear not!  There is a naked spangled just for you.  Order the Pure spangled which is an all natural ivory colored wrap.  I  imagine tie dye on the natty would look awesome.  Think fireworks.

The testers were invited to participate in a photo contest.  However, I blanked on a patriotic location in Tucson!  Other than running to the Grand Canyon, I wanted to head to the Pima County Air and Space museum to pose with the planes…but time did not allow for that.  Our pictures may not be patriotic but they sure did capture some precious moments.  Enjoy!


091093I thought the photo bombing raven was a nice touch for Poe.  (think Edgar Allen Poe)



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