DISO Dreams Do Come True!


One day I was checking out the posts on Loom to Wrap and I saw a pic that made me stop dead in my tracks.  It was Handwoven Treasures’ OOAK Aspiration.  I had never seen anything like it before.  The world of handwovens is inundated with plain weave and twills.  It’s very rare when a double weave comes along.  This particular design is a 24 shaft double twill structure from the book Weaving with Echo and Iris by Marian Stubenitsky.

As soon as I saw it I was liking and commenting on every picture I could.  I immediately contacted the weaver regarding a custom but she is booked solid.  Then one day a miracle happened.  As I was eating dinner I looked down on my phone (I know, shame on me) and Aspirations was posted FS!  I immediately contacted the seller stating I was interested.  The stars must have aligned with me that evening and I was offered the opportunity to purchase my DISO!  Let the reverse funding begin.

Not only did my DISO arrive, the sweet mama who sold her to me included a wrap scrap keychain embroidered with the babywearing logo, 2 towels also embroidered with the babywearing logo, a tactile middle marker and a hand written note.  I am still blown away by everything.  Not to mention, I audibly gasped for air when I saw just how vibrant the colors were.  I can’t decide which side I love more.  Plus, it is super cozy and fluffy like a marshmallow.


I cannot wait to do my review- but until then here’s some pics (with permission from HWT).  I just love pics of wraps OTL/Geekery!

10403641_841827475881363_5629897297809080467_n 10410121_842397372491040_3253769064112685889_n 10505417_841336509263793_7231116827284045332_n 10984457_842512199146224_1031796111609750211_n 11029492_842512185812892_7553362023016234232_n 11054481_846437885420322_5289544557492327317_n



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