Interview with a Weaver- Judith Pierce from River Weaving

River Weaving creates beautiful handwoven wraps from British Colombia.  Her Loom to Wrap Spring Competition 2015 piece  caught my eye and an interview shortly followed.  I am excited to share my interview with Judith.

Are you a babywearer? If so, when did you start and what were your first carriers?

No I am not as I am a little too old.

When did you start weaving and what inspired you to start?

I started weaving 8 years ago after I retired. It was a fibre art I had always wanted to do.

How did you learn to weave?

I took lessons from Barbara Mac., a well known weaver and teacher here in the Vancouver area.

What else have you woven aside from wraps?

Everything from rugs to book marks.

What was your first weaving project?

A set of placemats and napkins and I am still using them.

From planning to final product, how many hours would you say goes into one of your wraps?

About 30-40 hours for a 5 m wrap

What kind of loom do you have?

A 4 shaft 45 inch older Nilus Leclerc and a new 8 shaft 36 inch Artisat.

Do you have a mentor?

Just all the wonderful weavers that have gone before me.

Do you have a favorite weaving book?

Deborah Chandler “Learning to Weave”.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Most of my wraps are custom so the ideas usually come from the customers and it is my role to interpret them.

Do you have a favorite wrap that you have made?

I do have a few favourites among my custom ones but I have to say my “A Diver’s Delight” woven for the Spring 2015 Competition is my favourite.


Tell us about your competition piece.

Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef with four blue colours and then the individual pinstripes representing the marine life.

Do you have a favorite weaver other than yourself that inspires you?

There are so many amazing weavers now and I am most impressed with the artistry and skill shown by so many of them.

What upcoming projects are you excited about?

I am always excited just to start another project.

Do you have a favorite fiber ?

No not really.

What’s your favorite weave structure? What would you like to try? Are you open to complicated weaves?

I like overshot (not as good for wraps), twills and look forward to learning more complicated weaves.

How do you come up with names for your wraps?

That is usually done by the customer.

Do you watch or listen to anything while you weave?

I listen to CBC radio and other music mainly classical and some jazz and folk.

Do you have a favorite weaving related task?

I actually like the threading- strange I know!

What are your hobbies outside of weaving?

I curl in the winter and play a bit of golf in the summer along with regular bridge game. I am also learning to play the cello and very much enjoy my one day a week with my young grandchildren aged 1 and 4.


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