Interview With a Weaver- Saedi Campbell of Two Sparrows Handwoven

I hope you enjoy the interview with Two Sparrows Handwoven !! Keep your eyes peeled to her Facebook as she is nearing the end of her customs list and I can’t wait to see what she will be working on next.

I’m in love with Celestial:


Are you a babywearer? If so, when did you start and what were your first carriers?

Yes! We started wearing about 3 ½ years ago when my twins were born. Our first carrier was a Moby, then a Ergo, then ring sling, and then alllllll the wraps.

When did you start weaving and what inspired you to start?

I started weaving about a year ago, I can’t really pinpoint exactly made me want to start weaving other than all the beautiful handwoven wraps and my love for all thing handmade. I just had the thought “I bet I could do that” and started!

How did you learn to weave?

Reading! Every book I could find about weaving I bought and read from cover to cover.

What else have you woven aside from wraps?

Scarfs, towels, wash clothes, doll wraps, and just extra yardage.

What was your first weaving project?

My first weaving project was a set of hand towels that have yet to be used because I’m afraid something will happen to them!

From planning to final product, how many hours would you say goes into one of your wraps?

Depending on how fast I’m weaving, I would say anywhere up to 150+ hours.

What kind of loom do you have?

I have a LeClerc Nilart 12 harness jack loom.

Do you have a favorite weaving book?

Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler was a HUGE help when I was first starting out.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A lot of things! Everything from nature, and favorite books, to what my kids are into at the moment!

Do you have a favorite wrap that you have made?

While I love every wrap I have made the couple that stand out to me as favorites are the ones that I have made for close friends.

What upcoming projects are you excited about?

I am one person away from being done with my customs list, so I am excited about doing some of the wraps I have been planning for a while!

Do you have a favorite fiber?

I love working with cotton as a warp, but my favorite weft would probably be 100% hemp. I love the slubs hemp has, I feel like it gives it a vintage/heathered look, and although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea I love it.

What’s your favorite weave structure? What would you like to try? Are you open to complicated weaves?

I’m not sure that I have a favorite structure, I feel like some wraps look good in plain while others look good in complicated weave structures, it really depends on the design. I would love to try turned taquete weaving. It always looks so amazing! There is just so much planning and attention to detail, maybe one day when my kids are in college… 🙂

How do you come up with names for your wraps?

If it’s a custom the custom spot holder is in charge of the name, if it’s something I designed I try to come up with something along the lines of what inspired the piece, and sometimes I let my kids help.

Tell us about your competition piece.

My competition piece, “Pharos of Alexandria” was done in plain weave, the lighthouse portion was done in a triple clasped weft. I used a navy cottolin weft for everything but the lighthouse which was done in a stone colored weft. Each of the windows was hand embroidered onto the wrap. It took a significant amount of time but I feel like it was worth it, I was very proud when it was done and I love the way it came out.


What’s your favorite song or book?

Favorite book is The Secret Garden, I don’t think I have a favorite song.

What’s your last meal on earth?


Do you have a favorite machine woven wrap?

I do! It’s a Natibaby Leopard Yellow and Brown, it’s a hemp bamboo blend. I’ve had a ton of wraps pass through here and that’s the only one that got sold and then rebought.

Can you tell us about your stash- real or imaginary?

My real stash right now is minimal since my twins are almost 4, but it consists of a MGG full buckle conversion of my Gryffindor wrap, a kp, a rs and hw shorty by me and a nati lepoard.
Imaginary stash-a ton of hw hemps, a couple hw cottons, and a few select mw.

Do you watch or listen to anything while you weave?

Pandora. I usually have the Volbeat or Rob Zombie station on. If I do watch anything its something I’ve seen a million times so I don’t have to really watch it, The Office, White Christmas, Gilmore Girls, or I Love Lucy

Do you have a favorite weaving related task?

Designing or ironing

What are your hobbies outside of weaving?

Sewing is my only other main hobby. I love sewing. I mostly sew clothes for my kids and gifts for other people with a purse thrown in once and a while.

Thank you so much Saedi!  Purse you say?  Now I must get my mitts on a Two Sparrows Handwoven purse.  Or a Two Sparrows Handwoven purse stuffed with a handwoven- even better!

Purple Rainbow:


Kim’s Rainbow:


**All pictures were shared with the weaver’s permission.


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