My DISO- Geoweaves Kandinsky v2

We all have a DISO (desperately in search of).  Some refer to it as a wrap unicorn.  You chase it, you stalk it on Facebook, you dream of it traveling to you, and you will open paypal credit in zero seconds flat if you ever see it come up on the swaps.  Well, Kandinsky v2 is that wrap for me.  And I was lucky enough to borrow it not once but twice.

It is inspired by the art of Wassily Kandinsky, pioneer of abstract art.  The inspiration is from his piece Squares with Concentric Circles.  It is amazing that he completed this in 1913 and it still is so very modern.  Did you know he could hear color as well as he could see them?  He has a neurological disorder called synaesthesia.

.  images

Never have I seen a wrap inspired by a work of art translated into fiber art so perfectly.  It was designed by Margaret Coe of Geoweaves and woven by Erica Adkisson of Red Tail Textiles.  If you are not familiar with Geoweaves, you should be.  100 percent original designs (not structures).  She embraces complex weaves.  If you are looking for a OOAK (one of a kind) piece, look no further as EVERYTHING is OOAK or TOAK.  However, she is not a production weaver and every wrap is extremely exclusive and HSA (highly sought after).  Coe grew up in the textile industry and worked closely with the infamous by Paul R. O’Connor, a complex weaver,most know for his double weave technique.  If you are thinking about learning to weave I highly recommend her books.

I can’t wait to see what’s on their looms next.

Without further ado, I present Kandinsky V2!  Photos by Kimberly Fyffe Photogrphy.

This wrap is long- size 8.  7’s are my jam but 8’s reign supreme.  I want tail for days.  I think this is eventually going to be chopped by the owner and I am so attached to this wrap it’s like a person to me.  I think the wrap may actually cry.  Seriously.

Did I mention this wrap glows!  It’s the woven form of the Grateful Dead song Turn on Your Love light.  It looks like the way I imagine my heart feels while wearing it.  I tired to decide which weft I like more and I just couldn’t.  Green, yellow, red- they are all bold and brilliant.  The Tencel® shines-again like my heart.  It is Kandinsky that said, “Color is a power that directly influences the soul”.  That quote sums this wrap up for me.

Close ups from my cell:

Stash Shots!

I am forever grateful…..  and before you even think about it- I already called DIBS- but I have been informed that this masterpiece is never, ever leaving.


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