Review- Sandy Fisher Handwoven Spring Baby Season 2015

I first fell in love with Sandy Fisher’s work when she posted a beautiful pastel double weave.  Check it out on her Facebook!
Name/Design/Description: Spring Baby Season 2015.  OOAK.  Hand dyed using Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes: Dancing with Raisins, Alpine Blue, and Palomino Gold.  Woven October 2014 for Spring 2015.
Material/fiber/yarn type (if known):  100% 8/2 Cotton, hand dyed.

Structure (plain weave/twill/etc):  Plaited Twill

Grams per square meter: Size/Length and Width:  168/M2, size 6 (but wrapped like a long 7/short 8-which I looove), 27″ wide
Pros: You get a one of a kind piece.  The random hand dying technique used in the warp and the weft, create an ever shifting color palate which looks different in every carry creating a unique look each time you wrap.  The wrap had some diagonal stretch but not enough that creates sag or tension/digginess on your shoulders.  It was very sturdy and withheld a two year old for a 30 minute walk with ease.  (captured on a wovenwrapfan Periscope video)  Nice tight passes!!!  My toddler was not budging a bit.  It was also suitable for my two month old.  I also loved that it wrapped long.  I am of the longer the better train of thought.  If you are looking for a legacy wrap, this would be ideal as she uses seasonal colors from Pantone for your baby’s birth season.  The packaging was out of this world!  Lovely box, wrapped in tissue,with a handwritten card, and a prepaid shipping label.  Another HUGE Pro is there is currently noooo wait list for customs!  Get ready for your own hand dyed wrap!

Middle Marker: Leather embossed with an SW.

Tails: Blunt ends
Salvedge:  Raw (how I prefer them) and they looked great!IMG_3706 (1)
Care:  Machine washable using the gentle cycle/cold water.  Spin cycle safe.  Lie flat to try to avoid shrinkage.  Iron on warm.
Cons: Nada.  If I had to say something, I like when weavers include some of the weft fibers for repairs and overall fiber geekery.  It is a handwoven that needs some breaking in, but truly that is a pro for some and con for others!  If you are looking for the newest fad fiber i.e., peppermint, seasilk, rose, etc. that may not be an option as it is not listed on her site- but contact her to be sure as she may be able to order it.  But a heads up, most of these fab fibers are a form of rayon with a touch of rose, seaweed, or peppermint and inherently rayon is a weak fiber.
How does it wrap?–best type of carries,description of wrapping qualities, etc: I am a lover of fwcc and this rocked a fwcc.  Passes stayed put.  It was a toddler “prison” that withheld even the wiggliest of tots.  It also performed nicely in a ring finish in a scc.  No need to keep tightening at all.
What wrap would you compare it to?—either machine woven or handwoven: Similar wrap qualities to Ethos Tamara Angel Cake.  Visually- dye techniques similar to the infamous Farideh.
Weaving Irregularities:  None noted-nubs, slubs, skips,  etc.  I would say this is a dense weave not prone to pulls or shifting.  Burling/mending nicely completed as no noticed weavers knots or weft changes.
If you bought directly from the maker, how was your experience?–custom design process, overall customer service, communication with the weaver, sister wraps, etc:  I was lucky enough to be selected to review this wrap.  During the testing process I communicated regularly with the weaver and admin- always same day responses.  This wrap retails for $450- which for the length and hand dyed technique is a bargain!  There is currently NO wait list for customs.

Here’s the info on ordering direct from her Facebook Group:

Each season there are three warps using a combination of three of those Pantone colors. A picture of each warp will be taken before the weaving; each warp is long enough for 4 to 5 wraps. Each wrap is a unique one of a kind piece by changing the weft color.
All wraps are 67-70 cm (27”) wide
8/2 and 10/2 warp twist cotton:
Size 2 – 2.7 metres/106 inches – $270.00
Size 3 – 3.1 metres/122 inches -$315.00
Size 4 – 3.6 metres/142 inches -$360.00
Size 5 – 4.2 metres/165 inches- $405.00
Size 6 – 4.6 metres/181 inches- $450.00
Size 7 – 5.2 metres/205 inches- $540.00
Size 8 – 5.6 metres/220 inches – $585.00
22/2 cottolin: 60%cotton, 40% linen – Contact me for prices
28/2 Linen – Contact me for prices
Wool or Alpaca – Contact me for prices
Custom Finish is included in the wrap price:
Straight across hem finish
Straight across end with fringe (fringe is included in total length of wrap)
A tapered end (½ taper of each tail is counted in the length)
Custom Wraps:
Should you prefer your one of a kind piece (custom wrap made with the seasonal colors), we can arrange to create that as well at an additional cost. I enjoy weaving a different size, weight of yarn, or color combination of the seasons palette with your requests. I require a designer fee before I start on any custom piece. This will be determined due to size and materials used. This custom fee is added to the set price of wrap length and will be agreed upon before weaving begins. Custom wraps can be expected to arrive between 4-6 weeks and the date will be agreed upon during purchase.
All sales are final I accept payments through Paypal.
Also, if you are on the trend of personal color analysis (PCA) just imagine your own personal PCA wrap!  I think Sandy should be the first to market a custom slot geared towards PCA.  If you are not familiar with PCA you will be shortly.  All the girls in my BWI group are wanting an expert to come and drape us in fabrics to find out which of  one of the 16 (yes, 16) seasons we are.  Mark my word, PCA wraps are going to be a thing.

Toddler and Squish approved!


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