Another DISO is coming my way to stay! Chicibeanz Handwoven- Colorfall!

When I think of Chicibeanz I think of mini rainbow rails as a signature trait.  The first piece that truly got my attention was Alicorn Magic, Echo Elisbeth’s 2015 competition piece.  Shortly after Alicorn Magic was off the loom, Colorfall was on and I was equally smitten. I was feverishly hearting pics on Instagram and liking them on Facebook.  Sadly, I was late to the game and all pieces were spoken for.  I even wrote Echo just to make sure.  So, I headed over to the ISO folder in the chatter group to put out a plea.  I proceeded about my daily life, liking every colorfall pic that was posted and praying someone would temp trade me.  Yesterday, that plea was answered!  My very own piece of colorfall!  I have to share some pics (permission has been granted) prior to her arrival.

Lesson learned- always put out an ISO/DISO, you never know!


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