Wenweave #wenweavecustomforchristy

I have been an admirer of Wendy Clark’s weaving for some time now.  Recently, I was blessed to host not one but two Wenweave wraps.  The first was a gloriously long (5.5meters) tri-blend of cotton, silk and wool.   Over dyed mercerized cotton warp (hello shine) and hand painted merino wool/silk weft (hello soft) equals heaven in wrap formation.  It was one of Wenweaves final pieces of 2015.

First thing I noticed was the length.  I love size 7 and 8 wraps.  I had tails for days.  Then I was over come by how soft it was.  I just adore silk/merino blends.  It makes you want to snuggle up with it and caress your cheek with the luxurious fiber.  If you fear wool- get over it.  I once steered clear of wool and now I would like an entire stash of merino or superwash.  The care is really not that difficult, especially if you join a group like wool woven wrap lovers to get advice.  You know when people say it’s like wrapping with a cloud?  That’s merino/silk!  Are you afraid of wool being too hot?  Well, this wrap was surprisingly light and airy!  Wool actually breathes and manages moisture better than other fibers.  Sounds counter intuitive but it’s true.

One can’t ignore the  vibrant color of this beauty.  To overdye, you basically dye over an existing color.  The green glows and is the predominant color, but when you look closely there are so many colors woven throughout.  The hand painted weft make the wrap appear like a painting.

It was woven in a crackle design, I image on an 8-shaft loom.

The biggest thing that sets these beauties apart, is the texture.  Wendy mixes thin and thicker pieces of fibers within the warp and wefts.  I am yet to experience any other wrap with such a unique texture.  Not only is it visually appealing and creates a wrap that is more like a work of art than fabric.  Tactile senses rejoice.  The texture also creates a unique wrap qualities along with grip.  It’s actually quite forgiving of the sloppiest of wrap jobs but still creates tight passes.

The second piece I hosted was Calm Before The Storm.  It was 4.2 meters with a cotton warp and  TENCEL®weft.    Another green beauty!  Again, mixing the thick and thin fibers randomly throughout the wrap creating the one of a kind texture that I covet.  TENCEL® is know for it’s shine and strength.  It can be heavy in hand but very lightweight to wrap with.  It is also drapey, mold-able and soft.  Usually little breaking in required.  People worry about TENCEL® being slippery or thread shifing and that is not due to the fiber but the weave and sett.  TENCEL® is one of my absolute favorites.

Join Wenwave Wrappers and perhaps you can also host a Wenweave!  I’m always looking to host.  You never know, your wrap might be the next on my blog.  Hopefully soon, my friend will let me host her Lollipop Guild.

Soon, Wendy’s admin Ashley Zing (who Wendy recently taught how to weave-and she picked it up incredibly fast) will be weaving along side of Wendy so double the amount of Wenweaves!

So, without further ado- I announce my campaign #wenweavcustomforchristy

I MUST get my own one of these days.  I pray I make it to IBC (International Babywearing Conference) this year to meet Wendy and get a chance to score of theses HSA exclusive wraps.  Unlikely, but I can dream.

Prepare for selfies!



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