Review of Steve- Woven by Enrica Handwoven


13234923_10100117139084685_833751794_o (1)

Meet Steve.  He is a handsome fellow who is luxuriously soft.  You’ll want to cuddle with Steve even when not wrapping, he’s that snugly.  But not snugly as in warm, he is cool to the touch and oh so breathable.  Woven with 50% cotton and 50% TENCEL®.  The more I wrap with TENCEL® the deeper down the rabbit hole I fall.  It is just so soft, so strong, so shiny, so drapey….  It easy care too!

Steve was woven in February 2016 in the United States.  He was named in a naming contest on the chatter page.   He enjoys baths in cold water (machine safe) and feel free to tumble dry on normal.  So, when an opportunity arose on the Enrica Chatter Page to apply to host one of Rita’s wraps I jumped at the chance!

I have followed her work since she wove for Oolaloom.  She wove many of my favorites such as Floyd, Maple and Oak (which was featured in my post on my imaginary stash shot), Free Spirit, Treasure, and Faye.  Check out her portfolio!  She is a self taught weaver since 1994.  She is a member of Handweavers’ Guild of America and Complex Weavers.  If you know me, then you know complex weaves make me swoon.

Enrica has the cutest logo!  An adorable snail with a rainbow shell- also named Steve.  It is featured as the middle markers.  The rails/selvages are raw and unhemmed, which is my preference.  The tails are blunt.  I did not notice any weaver’s knots or loose ends from weft changes.  Another piece had a cosmetic treadling error that was disclosed.  I appreciate weavers who are up front and disclose any cosmetic flaws.  Yes!  Steve has a few sisters out there so keep your eyes peeled on the swaps and chatter page.


Selvage spam:

Steve is 3.9 meters long and 71 cm wide.  He was thin enough for my three month old yet strong enough to wear my two year old with happy shoulders.  Steve was available to purchase via draw on the chatter page.  The admins Krystal and Bev are some awesome wrappers and they work hard and provide fun contests for us.  Make sure to join in on the fun.  And keep your eye on Krystal as she is now weaving!

Flat shots:

I love Steve’s complex network twill.  The TENCEL®  in the weft really does have a nice shine.

Currently, Rita does not offer customs.  Yes, it’s fun to enter draws to win customs but I appreciate letting an artist weave what their creative spirit desires.  I  would absolutely love an Enrica for my stash and will continue to follow her work.

The photos by Rita and Krystal were shared with permission.

Selfie time!


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