Care to follow me down the Rabbit Hole?

It has been pretty epic around here with the arrival of some very fancy guests.  First, the epic Mr. P (Pamir) visited-geekery post coming soon.  Now, I get to jump down the Rabbit Hole into the world of MAD HATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Talk about bucket list of wraps.

A million thank you’s to Aly- who is letting me host her 5m HOL (hearts of love weave) rose pink fine EC (Egyptian cotton) piece of Rabbit Hole (cleverly named after the group’s auction bidding alias).  Stay tuned for a full review, lots of spam, and some geekery!

How did I get so lucky?  I put out another ISO post!  See they really do work!!!

And I might be meeting up with a wrap sister to compare the hemp weft…if the stars align.


(Pictures were shared with permission from Tina- The Queen Hatter and Aly- the amazing, generous mama)

Now, come on USPS!!!!  Bring me my unicorn.


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